Down with Fun

by The Classic Brown

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The Classic Brown is Canadian-American artist Stacey Brown and a rotating cast of musicians. The current roster of The Classic Brown features ex-Secession Movement guitarist/ vocalist David Downham, Matt Weber and David Dunn (all ex-members of New Jersey’s Up Up Down Down…).

Her first EP was produced by John Crossingham (of Not Of, formerly of Raising the Fawn, and Broken Social Scene) on a 4-track in a Toronto basement. Though the master was lost, the rough-cut EP was released in limited edition in handicraft packages to happy accolades on indie music site, college and public radio, including CBC Radio 3 national charts, and WXPN local artist of the day.

Down with Fun, Brown's first full-length release, was recorded at Gradwell House Recording Studio, owned and operated by her husband, David Downham and Steve Poponi.

A new album is in the works, set to be released exactly ten years after this one. Brown and her bandmates took a hiatus to procreate (not all together of course, though David Downham and Stacey had their second child on the same day as drummer Dave Dunn and his wife, Robin Trent).

Stacey recently sang with The Posies on their latest small venue grassroots tour which made a pit-stop at Gradwell House recording studio in Haddon Heights, NJ. She and David and the rest of the band have continued to write, record and perform their yearly charity holiday ditties in honor of their friend Jon Montague who left this earth too soon.

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released October 15, 2007

Stacey Brown -- vocals, guitar, keyboard/piano, whining and complaining
David Downham -- guitar, bass, engineering, production
David Dunn -- drums
Kevin O'Beirne -- drums
Steve Poponi -- engineering, heckling



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The Classic Brown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Classic Brown is Canadian-American singer-songwriter Stacey Brown-Downham and a rotating cast of musicians, which have most steadily included David Dunn on drums and David Downham on guitar.

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Track Name: Baby-Making Bodies
You're an island sinking into
Oceans grand of work and man
and the mother tongue you play upon
wins them over, but the work is never done...
Track Name: Hit Parade
We all stood and watched as the hit parade
Made it's way, made it's way to the stadium
They were talking about the axis
About the foreign war
But I don't want to hear about this ish anymore...
Track Name: Rally Song
Say hello to the city night sky
My friends have hearts that lie silently there tonight
Say hello to the lines on fire
Sending hope to a girl who's lost amidst the wires

Well we all know the girl is down and out
But do we rally, rally round or let her down? x2

Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my
My city surges as we fight against time
Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my
We sit transfixed as the lights go flashing by

Well we all know the girl is down and out
But do we rally, rally round or let her down? x2

Can't see you past, heads in the crowd
I'm standing up without letting you down
The sound of wind with that of cars
You sound so close to be gone so far
Track Name: Modulation
Here comes the 8th
like clockwork with no relation to
the girls I roll around with
a lunar modulation
that brings me to my knees
and drives me to a distraction
I could no sooner part with than relieve...
Track Name: The Body Politic
I dreamt that I married, I married a sultan
And he taught me, he taught me to breed
Unbending family trees drawn from the strongest seed
So the dynasty repeats, but the blood horse always bleeds

And you're just a man, you do what you can
I still have my own two hands
To wash and weed
To sow the seed
Until your heart returns to me

We're touch and go again
Body and soul again
We rock and roll again
Body and soul again

We finish to begin again
The sun comes up
The day just ends
And I don't want to lead you on
I know you're not that kind of man

We're touch and go again
Body and soul again
We rock and roll again
Body and soul again
Track Name: Little Kensington
When it got dark on Sunday Evening
I could have slept outside
As the evening broke around me
Like a motherless child

Ask not what your conscience can do for you
But what you can do for it willfully
Suffering inconstancy
Giving out too liberally
Setting out to see

As I'm about to love you
I really must leave
Please do not insist
Please do not insist

These things so far from where you are
You don't belong to me
Your hands let go
You'd sunk so low
You don't belong to me
Track Name: The Accident
I'm not going out tonight
I'm going to feel better with or without
Cause I took back
And I'm learning what it feels like
To just let it go
And I lift it off
And the sadness is helping me
Feel beautiful...
Track Name: Proud Private, Give Leave
It's a beautiful secret, a beautiful secret, a beautiful secret
I'd rather not keep
It's a dutiful soldier, a dutiful soldier, a dutiful soldier
I'd rather not be
When the rockets red glare
The bombs bursting in air...
Track Name: Americana
Oh my god.
Over and over again.